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Handbook of Bioenergy (Chapter 14)

In this chapter, I have looked at the Brazil ethanol program. The success story of the Brazil's ethanol program started in 1976 and during the past four decades it has gained remarkable achievements in terms of economic development and energy independence. The aim of this study is to show how Brazil has achieved its goal of energy independence by implementing and updating its renewable fuel policies over the past 40 years.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Copper Production: A Case Study on Alaverdi Copper Factory in Armenia

The aim of this book is to investigate and evaluate the environmental impacts of copper production in Alaverdi, Armenia. Although the comprehensive environmental impact assessment needs all the pollutants and pollutions to be defined, this book is limited to assessment of local copper production. It includes a comprehensive study of available data and statistics about environmental status of Alaverdi region and the copper smelter. 

Practicing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: A case on an Armenian Bank

Today in all over the world there is unlikely to find any banking institution which is treating only one specific group of customers or specialized with only one banking product. Because of this issue, banking institutions should create new services/campaigns to satisfy specific requirements of target customers. This book shows the practical phases of CRM implementation in Banking System.

BOT Contracts and their applications in Iran's infrastructure development projects (in Farsi)

Developing countries face a big challenge of developing their infrastructure to keep up with the growing demand from the middle class. The public sector in these countries often lack sufficient technical and financial resources to address this challenge. Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) contracts offer some attractive advantages over the traditional foreign direct investment schemes. The main advantage for the public sector is to utilize private investment, technical expertise, and management skill without loosing its control over the project. This is in particular important considering the national security aspects of infrastructure projects like power plants and airports. This book introduces BOT contracts for Iran’s development projects and highlights their potential benefits and challenges for foreign investors.

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