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"In Search of Lost Time"

I love running. I love running to places I have never been, seeing things from a different perspective. I started running the distances between all 21 Spanish missions in California few years ago. One Sunday every month, I went running from a mission to the next one. I wanted to run the path that missionaries were taking hundreds of years ago in search of lost time. When I moved to Italy, I started running between major cities in pieces. I ran from Milan to Rome (2017), Milan to Trieste (2018), and Milan to Saint Tropez in France (2019). Currently I'm in process of running from Milan to Zurich (Switzerland). I run a part of this distance one Sunday every month.


"The Book of Sand"

I started reading fictions when I was a little boy in the country of Shahrazad, the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights. I try to write once in a while to express my feelings and thoughts. Writing for me is a tool to liberate myself and let my imagination takes me to different times and places than the ones I live in. I write not be read but to let out my feelings and watch them form a new life outside my head. I write to change and I change when I write.

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