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Climate Change Impacts on Human Systems

Climate change affects human systems in various ways. In order to quantify these impacts and project their future evolutions, we use micro-survey data at household level to establish a relationship between temperature change and different dimensions of the livelihood of local communities in developing countries.

The results of these econometric analysis then will be used to calibrate a structural modeling framework called "Overlapping generations (OLG)" models. The OLG models ae used to show the population dynamics and human capital development in consecutive generations.

We use OLG models to project the behavior of human systems under future scenarios of climate change.


List of research collaborators:

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Gender inequality, labor availability, and climate

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The Future of Skill Migration:
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Climate Change and Demographic Change:

Human capital accumulation, and climate

International Migration and Climate Change:

Education, economy, and the environment

Climate Change and Food Security:

Labor supply, nutrition, and agricultural output

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Climate Change and Labor Supply:

Labor supply, nutrition, and agricultural output

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